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IWebAppDiagnosticsSetup Interface


This interface is implemented by a PDM debug application to create COM objects in the process that is being debugged and to enable web diagnostics. If the PDM debug application object implements IObjectWithSite, Internet Explorer calls SetSite on it after it has been created and passes in a reference to IWebBrowser2. A WWA application calls SetSite and passes in the WWA interface IWebApplicationHost instead. If SetSite has been called with a non-NULL value, IWebAppDiagnosticsSetup::DiagnosticsSupported returns true. If not, it returns false and calls to IWebAppDiagnosticsSetup::CreateObjectWithSiteAtWebApp fail.


IWebAppDiagnosticsSetup is implemented by PDM v11.0 and greater. Found in activdbg100.h.

This interface exposes the following methods.




Gets the text documents that are hidden by the specified filter.


Determines whether the specified document belongs to one of the child nodes of this node.

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