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This method co-creates the class whose ID you pass in with rclsid using the dwClsContext. This is similar to the way IRemoteDebugApplication::CreateInstanceAtApplication works, except that in the case of CreateObjectWithSiteAtWebApp the object is created asynchronously on the web application’s UI thread. The object specified by the class ID should implement IWebAppDiagnosticsObjectInitialization Interface. After the object has been created, IWebAppDiagnosticsObjectInitialization::Initialize is called with a reference to the PDM debug application and the hPassToObject parameter of CreateObjectWithSiteAtWebApp. You can use this method to pass into the app a handle to an anonymous pipe that you have copied using DuplicateHandle.


IWebAppDiagnosticsSetup Interface is implemented by PDM v11.0 and greater. Found in activdbg100.h.

HRESULT CreateObjectWithSiteAtWebApp(        [in] REFCLSID rclsid,         [in] DWORD dwClsContext,         [in] REFIID riid,         [in] DWORD_PTR hPassToObject        );


The class ID of the class to create.


The context in which the code will run. In most cases it is CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER.


Not used.


A value that will be passed to the object once it is created on the UI thread, if the object implements IWebAppDiagnosticsObjectInitialization Interface.

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