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Retrieves a scripting-engine-defined identifier for the thread associated with the given Win32 thread.

HRESULT GetScriptThreadID(
    DWORD dwWin32ThreadID,       // Win32 thread identifier.
    SCRIPTTHREADID *pstidThread  // Receives scripting thread. identifier

dwWin32ThreadID ,

[in] Thread identifier of a running Win32 thread in the current process. Use the IActiveScript::GetCurrentScriptThreadID function to retrieve the thread identifier of the currently executing thread.

pstidThread ,

[out] Address of a variable that receives the script thread identifier associated with the given Win32 thread. The interpretation of this identifier is left to the scripting engine, but it can be just a copy of the Windows thread identifier. Note that if the Win32 thread terminates, this identifier becomes unassigned and may subsequently be assigned to another thread.

Returns one of the following values:

Return Value





An invalid pointer was specified.


The call was not expected (for example, the scripting engine has not yet been loaded or initialized) and therefore failed.

The retrieved identifier can be used in subsequent calls to script thread execution control methods such as the IActiveScript::InterruptScriptThread method.

This method can be called from non-base threads without resulting in a non-base callout to host objects or to the IActiveScript::InterruptScriptThread interface.

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