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IJsDebugDataTarget::FreeVirtualMemory Method


Releases and/or decommits a region of memory within the virtual address space of the target process.

HRESULT FreeVirtualMemory(
   UINT64 address,
   DWORD size,
   DWORD freeType


[in] Address within the target process where the memory should be freed.


[in] Number of bytes to decommit. To release a region of memory, this value must be zero.


[in] Indicates the type of free operation to perform. This is typically MEM_RELEASE (0x8000), which releases the specified region of pages. After the operation, the pages are in the free state. MEM_DECOMMIT (0x4000) can be used instead to decommit the pages without releasing them.

For additional information, see the VirtualFree Win32 API.


Header: jscript9diag.h

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