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Notifies the helper that the given text is available, but it does not provide the characters.

HRESULT AddDeferredText(
   ULONG  cChars,
   DWORD  dwTextStartCookie


[in] Number of (Unicode) characters to add.


[in] Host-defined cookie that represents the starting position of the text.

The method returns an HRESULT. Possible values include, but are not limited to, those in the following table.




The method succeeded.


The method failed.

This method allows the host to defer providing the characters to add until they are needed, while allowing the helper to generate accurate notifications and size information. The dwTextStartCookie parameter is a cookie, defined by the host, which represents the starting position of the text. Subsequent calls to IDebugDocumentText::GetText must provide this cookie. For example, in a host that represents text in DBCS, the cookie could be a byte offset.

It is assumed that a single call to IDebugDocumentText::GetText can get characters from multiple calls to AddDeferredText. Helper classes may also ask for the same range of deferred characters more than once.


Calls to AddDeferredText should not be mixed with calls to AddUnicodeText or AddDBCSText. If this occurs, E_FAIL is returned.

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