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IDebugApplicationThreadEvents110 Interface


Adds more thread events. These events are local only. That is, you can subscribe to them only in the process being debugged, using the IConnectionPoint advise and unadvise methods on PDM application thread objects (objects that implement IDebugApplicationThread Interface). They occur on the thread they are coming from.


This interface is implemented by PDM v11.0 and greater. Found in activdbg100.h.

The IDebugActivationThreadEvents110 interface exposes the following methods.



IDebugApplicationThreadEvents110 ::OnBeginThreadRequest

A call into the thread using the PDM's thread switching has begun.


The thread is resuming from a breakpoint and will be active once again.


The thread is suspending for a breakpoint and can handle calls that require the thread to be fully suspended.


A call into the thread using the PDM's thread switching has completed.

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