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IDebugApplicationThread110 Interface


Provides more functionality for the IDebugApplicationThread Interface interface.


This interface is implemented by PDM v11.0 and greater. Found in activdbg100.h.

The IDebugApplicationThread110 interface exposes the following methods.




Makes an asynchronous call on the main thread.


A count of how many thread requests from the PDM's thread switching mechanisms are currently processing. Usually 0 or 1, but it's possible for this to be higher if one thread call starts processing but triggers a synchronous call out of thread or otherwise suspends the thread (for example, by triggering an IDebugApplicationEvents event which is issued on the debugger thread)


IDebugApplicationThreadEvents110::OnSuspendForBreakPoint has been called on this thread and has not yet completed.


This thread is in a state that can process calls made using the PDM's thread switching mechanisms (such as SynchronousCallInThread).

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