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IActiveScriptSiteDebugEx Interface


Implement this interface along with the IActiveScriptSiteDebug interface if you are writing a host that needs to get a notification of a run-time error in an application and optionally attach to the application for debugging. The Process Debug Manager provides notification through IActiveScriptDebug if a Just-In-Time script debugger is found on the computer. If no Just-In-Time script debugger is found, the PDM provides notification through IActiveScriptDebugEx instead.

To get a notification of a run-time error, your host must handle ActiveScriptSiteDebug::OnScriptErrorDebug. Based on a user action, you can then decide whether to attach the internal debugger and return, or to return the starting of the debugger in the OnScriptErrorDebug pfEnterDebugger parameter.




Informs the host about a script run-time error when the Process Debug Manager does not find an external Just In Time debugger.

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